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Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I’m delighted to announce my new single is now available!!! It’s called ‘Our New Horizon’ and was originally written about the state of the economy, the country … and much of the world really. It’s about taking a stand against the powers that be and maintaining one’s dignity and self belief. United we stand, divided we fall. But recently the lyrics have become more meaningful to me on a personal level and so it feels appropriate to release this as the first single from the next album (yet to be christened! Still looking for inspiration!) It’s release today sees the sun beating down outside. Spring is really taking a wee break and allowing us a sneak preview of Summer! Teasing us with thoughts of long, warm, sunny days! It all feels very good and positive. Light. Glorious light.

Thanks as always for your very appreciated support, love and light to you all,

You can purchase the single here (Ireland) and here (UK).

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